Blue Zircon - Now is the time to invest in this magnificent gemstone.

Its name is often confused with "cubic Zirconium" the lab created diamond simulant. In reality, this beautiful earth-mined gem comes mainly from Ratnapuri, Cambodia. Traditionally, from an academic point of view, the darker color due to rarity was more coveted. Nowadays people are buying large blue zircon gemstones that are Paraiba color (a vibrant shade of blue/green). Blue Zircon displays "fire" like few gemstones can. I am confident that its popularity and favor among buyers and investors will continue to grow. This makes Zircon a great value and investment if purchasing right now. The Chinese market will awaken to the global gem industry, causing prices to go up in proportion to the new demand.

Ratnapuri may be the only mine that produces top quality blue zircon in commercial quantities. In other words, once this mine is depleted, the supply for blue zircon will not be able to keep up with rising demand. What does this mean for gemstone buyers and investors you might ask? Now is the time to purchase large, top quality specimens before the prices rise astronomically! You can purchase this gemstone for a fraction of the price per carat compared to Paraiba Tourmaline which has consistently risen in price over the last several years. Both stones show a vibrant transparent shade of turquoise blue color, Zircon is the best value for the money when considering these popular shades of blue.