About Us

The Gem Portal was conceived as two friends conversed over drinks on a hot day in Thailand. On one side of the table sat a man who had grown up in the gemstone business traveling the world from one famous mining and cutting hub to the next, on the other, sat an experienced IT and customer support technician who found himself far from his small town in Ohio. It didnt take long to realize that our skills truly complemented each other.

The Gem Portal is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction while offering top quality earth-mined gemstones at amazing prices. How do we offer such amazing prices? We buy direct from the source, cutting out the middle-man and passing that savings to you.

We believe in doing business the right way, with honesty and integrity. Our passion for gemstones and dedication to our customers shines through in every aspect of our business. We are humbled by the opportunity to share the majesty and wonder of these beautiful gifts of nature.


Meet The Gem Portal Team


 Sunny Kogen, the buyer for The Gem Portal, has over twenty-five years of experience in the gemstone industry. He is very well known in the gem markets and exchanges all over the world. He is very well networked with gemstone miners and cutters making it possible for him to source exceptional quality gemstones at amazing prices. His ability to select the best gemstones at the best prices allow us to pass on such an amazing savings!

"I grew up around gems as my father was a gem dealer in the USA and a well known numismatist. I got to live in many of the gem hubs in the world but my career really started when I lived in India which is a major gem cutting center for most gem types. I found that I wanted to buy quality Ruby and Sapphire and Thailand was the place to do that. So I then ventured to Thailand and found what I was looking for although I did not know that I was going to fall in love with Thailand. Shortly after I ended up moving there I set up my office, learned the language, and  began buying high-end Ruby and Sapphire. I retained my connections in India and presently living  in Thailand with my wife Vary - son Ruby and my daughter Emerald."

Jake Mossbarger has spent over a decade working in information technology and customer service.  His experience in these fields, along with international work experience benefit our company greatly. Jake grew up in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio where he obtained a Bachelor of Science and Organization Leadership Degree from Wright State University. He brings with him work experience in corporate America where he worked as a Sr. Customer Systems Engineer for LexisNexis.

As a founding member of The Gem Portal, he provides many skills which are an asset to the company. Jake has a passion for customer support and 100% customer satisfaction. He brings this customer-first mindset to the team and is focused on giving the best experience possible for our clients. 


New, photographer/videographer for The Gem Portal, is from Rayong Thailand and currently living in Chonburi. He is an integral part of our company as he provides professional quality photos and videos to capture the beauty of our gemstones. He is able to show our customers exactly what you are purchasing! We are happy to have New as a part of The Gem Portal team!